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I live in Switzerland and I want to learn Chinese!

No other language has seen such a “boom” in recent years, as Chinese. The central question is whether you want to learn Chinese in your home country or “on site”. To “get a first taste” in the language you can attend a language course at an Adult Education (evening school). There is also a growing number of private language schools for Chinese.

ChinaBridge verzeichnet alle Volkshochschulen, die Chinesisch-Kurse anbieten, sowie eine Reihe privater Sprachkurs-Anbieter. lists all evening schools (“Volkshochschulen”) offering Chinese language courses, as well as a number of private run language schools.

You can search for Chinese language courses like this:
Switzerland AND Chinese language courses
On the next page, you can choose a place close to your home from the drop-down menu to refine your search.

Now, press [ALT]+[1] to go to the search page,
then [ALT]+[2] to start the search,
then [ALT]+[3] to select the desired school,
then [ALT]+[4] to show the details.

Using China AND Chinese language courses instead, you can search for language classes within China.

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