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I'm interested in the German-Chinese cultural exchange. Where can I find contact partners?

The German-Chinese cultural exchange is encouraging intensive. The Chinese Confucius Institutes and the German Goethe Institutes and language learning centers (SLZ) offer comprehensive programs and language courses. There are also a number of private German-Chinese Friendship Associations in Germany. (The private club culture in China is not very pronounced.)

ChinaBridge records of all these organizations, as well as museums and libraries, which are dedicated to this issue.

On the ChinaBridge Search page, enter:
Germany AND Confucius Institute
OR (&&) China and Goethe Institute
OR (&&) Germany AND Friendship club
Now press [Alt]+[1] to go to the search page,
then [ALT]+[2] to start your search,
then [ALT]+[3] to select the desired organisations,
then [ALT]+[4] to view the details.

Use the drop-down menus to narrow down your search to one area (county or city).

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