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As CEO of a British company, I am thinking of expanding our business activities in China.

China is not only the "workshop of the world", but also a huge market. Chinese companies are gradually abandoned the low-cost segment and start to produce quality products. For this they need high quality machines and developed technology. Similarly, the continuously growing middle class in China demands high-quality products.

A commitment to China but also poses risks. Besides the financial security, you should not leave the cultural differences unnoticed. An introduction to this issue is the yearbook "China Bridge". A cross-cultural counseling in addition to the legal advice is a must!

China Bridge lists provider of cross-cultural consulting, as well as specialized law firms, furthermore translation agencies, etc.

You can search for suitable agents by using the keyword
Consulting AND your business location (default: Great Britain)
OR Intercultural Training and Great Britain
Use the drop-down menus to refine your search.

Now press [Alt]+[1] to go to the search page,
then [ALT]+[2] to start your search,
then [ALT]+[3] to select the desired provider,
then [ALT]+[4] to view the details.

China is a rapidly changing country: addresses, phone numbers, etc. of new business partners change frequently. With China Bridge SYNC, you can make sure that the contact is never lost once it has been established. more...

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