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I would like to go to Shenzhen airport!

ChinaBridge records all international airports in China (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan).
On the ChinaBridge Search page, enter
the city Shenzhen and the keyword airport.
Now press [ALT]+[1] to go to the search page,
then [ALT]+[2] to start your search,
then [ALT]+[3] to select the desired airport,
then [ALT]+[4] to view the details.

Tip: The address is displayed in Latin characters and as a sedamo™-address code as well. You can easily display the address in Chinese characters on your mobile phone (smartphone) by opening the URL mobi.sedamo.info and entering the 8-letters address code. Very helpful for your Chinese taxi driver! Goto service d'adresse mondial (sedamo)

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